Vegas in Space

Vegas in Space

Vegas in Space was released to DVD on 2002-07-23 and to Amazon Video on 2007-07-05.

Vegas in Space on IMDb Science Fiction

Director: Phillip R. Ford

Cast: Doris Fish, Miss X, Ginger Quest, Ramona Fischer, and Lori Naslund

Three soldiers are ordered to change their gender (via a pill) and are sent on a secret mission (undercover as show girls) to the women only planet of Clitoris' capital city "Vegas in Space." Once they arrive, they must maneuver through complex politics and decadent parties, to uncover a plot to disrupt the most important pleasure planet in the Universe. Oh yeah, everyone except two of the "men" who become "women" is played by a drag queen, at least one is a dual role!

Vegas in Space

Amazon $15.00

Vegas In Space

Amazon $4.00