Vatos Locos 2

Vatos Locos 2

Vatos Locos 2 was released to Amazon Video on 2016-03-15.

Vatos Locos 2 on IMDb Action, Crime, Drama, and Thriller


Cast: Paz de la Huerta, Damian Chapa, William McNamara, Mariano Mendoza, and Oliver Gruber

Chicano gangster Micky Solis finds that his family has been slaughtered by the Chinese mob. His whole life force turns to finding the killers. A slick lawyer (Angus MacFadyen) leads Micky to a "nun" (Paz De La Huerta) who shows him who the killers are that took his family from him. Micky unleashes a war of bullets and emotions on the family until each one dies by the same sword they wielded. The only thought on Micky's mind is REVENGE: VENGANZA.

Vatos Locos 2

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