Top Knot Detective

Top Knot Detective

We are not sure of the release date for Top Knot Detective. It was released at the box office on 2016-09-28 so we estimate it was released to DVD in December 2016.

Top Knot Detective on IMDb Comedy

Director: Aaron McCann and Dominic Pearce

Cast: Masa Yamaguchi, Toshi Okuzaki, Mayu Iwasaki, Kuni Hashimoto, and Izumi Woods

In the early 1990's, a little known Japanese Samurai/Detective Series was syndicated to public access TV in Australia and became a cult success. In Japan, it was titled "Ronin Suiri Tentai" (roughly translating to “Deductive Reasoning Ronin”), but soon came to be known in the West as "Top Knot Detective". The original Japanese series was legendary in in its home country as being a cultural train-wreck, led by its insane writer/director/producer/lead actor Takashi Tawagoto. He couldn't act. He couldn't fight. He had no idea how to write a TV show. But, through various underworld connections, he had the money to make himself into a star... or so he thought...