The Rains of Ranchipur

The Rains of Ranchipur

The Rains of Ranchipur was released to Amazon Video on 2008-08-18 and to Blu-ray on 2012-11-13.

The Rains of Ranchipur on IMDb Action, Adventure, Drama, and Romance

Director: Jean Negulesco

Cast: Michael Rennie, Richard Burton, Fred MacMurray, Lana Turner, and Joan Caulfield

India. The spoilt and stubborn Edwina Esketh, comes to a small town with her husband. She falls in love with an indian doctor, Dr. Safti. She also meets an old friend of hers, the alcoholic Tom Ransome. An awful earthquake is followed by days of rain.

The Rains Of Ranchipur

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Rains of Ranchipur [Blu-ray]

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The Rains of Ranchipur (1955) [ Blu-Ray, Reg.A/B/C Import - Germany ]

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