The No Hand King

The No Hand King

We are not sure of the release date for The No Hand King. It was released at the box office on 2016-03-17 so we estimate it was released to DVD in June 2016.

The No Hand King on IMDb Documentary

Director: Patrick Shanahan

Cast: Rodney Hines

A man rides a bicycle on one wheel using no hands for over ten years. The Self proclaimed "No Hand King" of Raleigh, North Carolina shares his past struggles and the unflinching passion to becoming the best in the world at what he does. In the film, Rodney takes on a 50 mile stretch of the Outer Banks of North Carolina to claim the title and record holder of the longest no-handed wheelie. The film's message is potent and breaks down social borders as his story can be related to by all people of all ages and ethnicities.