The Marshal's Daughter

The Marshal's Daughter

The Marshal's Daughter was released to DVD on 2009-08-26 and to Amazon Video on 2009-10-26.

The Marshal's Daughter on IMDb Western

Director: William Berke

Cast: Preston Foster, Hoot Gibson, Johnny Mack Brown, Ken Murray, and Laurie Anders

To fully appreciate the western comedy The Marshal's Daughter, one must be aware that its star, a zaftig, wide-eyed lass named Laurie Anders, was in 1953 a popular TV personality. A regular on The Ken Murray Show, Anders had risen to fame with the Southern-fried catchphrase "Ah love the wi-i-i-ide open spaces!" Striking while the iron was hot, the entrepreneurial Murray produced this inexpensive oater, which cast Anders as Laurie Dawson, the singing daughter of a U.S. marshal (Hoot Gibson). Teaming with her dad to capture outlaw Trigger Gans (Bob Duncan), Laurie briefly disguises herself as a masked bandit. Amidst much stock footage from earlier westerns and a plethora of lame jokes and dreadful puns, The Marshal's Daughter is a treat for trivia buffs, featuring such virile actors as Preston S. Foster, Johnny Mack Brown, Jimmy Wakely and Buddy Baer as "themselves."

the marshal's daughter

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The Marshal's Daughter

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