The Last Play at Shea

The Last Play at Shea

The Last Play at Shea was released to Amazon Video on 2014-10-18 and to Blu-ray on 2014-11-18.

The Last Play at Shea on IMDb Documentary and Music

Director: Paul Crowder and Jon Small

Cast: Alec Baldwin, Tony Bennett, Roger Daltrey, and Garth Brooks

In 1964, when the New York Mets were regarded as little more than a punch line in major league baseball, the team moved into a brand new ballpark, Shea Stadium, which was to become their home for the next forty-four years. Shea Stadium was closed (in part to create more parking space for a new stadium, Citi Field), and on July 16 and 18, 2008, Billy Joel headlined the final concerts held at the stadium. Filmmaker Paul Crowder and a camera crew were on hand for Joel's shows, and the documentary THE LAST PLAY AT SHEA chronicles his historic two-night stand, as well as exploring Joel's career, his ties to working-class New York, and how his life and career paralleled the growth of suburban Long Island and the beloved ballpark.

The Last Play At Shea

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