The Kid from Left Field

The Kid from Left Field

The Kid from Left Field was released to Amazon Video on 2009-03-24 and to DVD on 2012-11-27.

The Kid from Left Field on IMDb Comedy

Director: Harmon Jones

Cast: Lloyd Bridges, Anne Bancroft, Fess Parker, Billy Chapin, and Dan Dailey

Coop's an ex-ballplayer is now a peanut vendor, who takes too much of an interest in the game. But he's passed on his craze for baseball to his son, Christie. When his dad gets fired, Chris makes friends with the former team owner's niece (and her boyfriend Pete), and not only gets his dad's job back, but a batboy position for himself. With his dad's help, Christie begins to make a few suggestions here and there. And as a publicity stunt, the team makes him their youngest manager on record. But when Chris gets sick, Coop has to come to the rescue.

The Kid From Left Field

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The Kid from Left Field

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