The 50 Year Argument

The 50 Year Argument

We are not sure of the release date for The 50 Year Argument. It was released at the box office on 2014-06-29 so we estimate it was released to DVD in September 2014.

The 50 Year Argument on IMDb Documentary

Director: Martin Scorsese and David Tedeschi

Cast: Michael Chabon, Norman Mailer, Joan Didion, Barbara Epstein, and Elizabeth Hardwick

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese and his longtime documentary collaborator David Tedeschi, A 50 Year Argument rides the waves of literary, political, and cultural history as charted by the The New York Review of Books, America’s leading journal of ideas for over 50 years. Provocative, idiosyncratic and incendiary, the film weaves rarely seen archival material, contributor interviews, excerpts from writings by such icons as James Baldwin, Gore Vidal, and Joan Didion along with original verité footage filmed in the Review’s West Village offices. Confrontation and original argument are in the Review's DNA - the magazine seems as vital now as when it was run by its indefatigable founding editors, Robert Silvers and the late Barbara Epstein. Co-produced with the BBC's award-winning Arena and shaped by Scorcese's vivid filmmaking style, The Fifty Year Argument captures the power of ideas in influencing history.