Still Waiting...

Still Waiting...

Still Waiting... was released to DVD on 2009-02-17.

Still Waiting... on IMDb Comedy

Director: Jeff Balis

Cast: John Michael Higgins, Steve Howey, Adam Carolla, Rob Benedict, and Rob Kerkovich

After Shenaniganz loses all its hottest waitresses to new competitor Ta-Ta's Wing Shack -- where the scantily clad wait staff earns bigger tips -- the Shenaniganz staff aims to give Ta-Ta's its just desserts. This sequel to the 2005 indie-comedy hit welcomes back familiar faces, such as Nick (Andy Milonakis), Natasha (Vanessa Lengies) and Calvin (Rob Benedict), and features cameos by Justin Long,

Still Waiting...(Widescreen Unrated)

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