We are not sure of the release date for Saved. It was released at the box office on 2009-04-11 so we estimate it was released to DVD in July 2009.

Saved on IMDb Drama

Director: Tony Ayres

Cast: Claudia Karvan, Andy Rodoreda, and Osamah Sami

The advocate for a young Iranian refugee held in detention. Amir Ali claims to be an Iranian student persecuted by the government but the Department of Immigration dispute his identity. When Julia meets Amir, he is severely depressed and close to deportation. Julia throws herself obsessively into Amir's case, causing friction between Julia and her husband, Peter. Julia eventually frees Amir and the young Iranian man moves in with Peter and Julia. As Julia helps Amir adjust to ordinary life, she finds herself increasingly attracted to this handsome, damaged young man. But she also starts to see the subtle cracks in Amir's story. Is he really who he claims he is? Or does he have a darker, more dangerous history?