Paul McCartney - Back in the U.S.

Paul McCartney - Back in the U.S.

Paul McCartney - Back in the U.S. was released to DVD on 2002-11-26.

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Director: Mark Haefeli and Amy Tinkham

Cast: Paul McCartney, Paul Wickens, Rusty Anderson, Abraham Laboriel Jr., and Brian Ray

In 2002, a 60-year old McCartney refocused the attention on his musicianship, staging a massive live concert in Cleveland, Ohio. The superstar, who went on to form the popular rock group Wings and had several hit records as a solo artist, performs a track list that covers all three phases of his long and prolific career, including the hits "Eleanor Rigby," "Live And Let Die," "Blackbird," "The Long And Winding Road," and "Mother Nature's Son." In addition to the 30 tunes that McCartney enthusiastically performs, seemingly immune to the ravages of time and aging, BACK IN THE U.S.A LIVE also includes candid behind-the-scenes footage of the rocker backstage and on the road.

Paul McCartney: Back in the U.S. - Live 2002 Concert Film

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