Milking the Rhino

Milking the Rhino

Milking the Rhino was released to DVD on 2009-04-28.

Milking the Rhino on IMDb Documentary

Director: David E. Simpson


Milking the Rhino is a 2009 documentary film that examines the relationship between the indigenous African wildlife, the villagers who live amongst this wildlife and conservationists who look to keep tourism dollars coming in. Both the Massai of Kenya and the Ovahimba of Namibia have spent centuries as cattle farmers. With their lands being turned into protected game reserves, these ancient tribes have turned to tourism as a means of survival. While some environmentalists think that community-based conservation is ideal for these villagers, the dangers of drought and the starvation of their cattle remains a constant reality.

Milking the Rhino (Kartemquin)

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