Loves Music, Loves To Dance

Loves Music, Loves To Dance

Loves Music, Loves To Dance was released to DVD on 2004-02-19.

Loves Music, Loves To Dance on IMDb Thriller, Mystery, and TV Movie

Director: Mario Philip Azzopardi

Cast: Yannick Bisson, Cynthia Preston, Dean McDermott, Patsy Kensit, and Frank Pellegrino

The plot involves the murder of Darcy's best friend while doing a report on on-line dating. In order to solve the mystery, Darcy decides to also date each one of her friend's on-line pals to see which one of them might have something to do with the death. Sounds safe, huh? Darcy must be one of the most incompetent, air-headed heroines to ever grace a made-for-TV mystery. Some of her behaviours during the film's climax are so empty-headed and irrational your mouth will likely hang open in disbelief. And the method by which the killer's identity is discovered is also hard to fathom. A serial killer who has gotten away with murder for seven years would slip up like that? Well, obviously, because it's the only way our clueless heroine could discover the truth.

Loves Music, Loves to Dance (Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Collection)

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