Longshot was released to DVD on 2002-03-26 and to UMD for PSP on 2005-12-13.

Longshot on IMDb Action, Comedy, Family, and Thriller

Director: Lionel C. Martin

Cast: Paul Sorvino, Antonio Sabàto, Jr., Hunter Tylo, Tony DeCamillis, and Joey Sculthorpe

Teen Alex Taylor and his older brother Jack live in L.A. where Jack is a personal fitness trainer. Jack had an affair with Mitzi Price, a very powerful business man's wife. Her husband, Laszlo Price, then blackmails Jack into going to New York City to get information from Rachel Montgomery, about who she is selling her company to. Jack brings Alex with him to make sure that he will be safe. Jack and Rachel fall in love while Alex falls in love Rachel's daughter Kelly. Eventually Jack tells Rachel why he was sent to New York, and the two work together to bring Laszlo Price down. Rachel needs to have two million dollars in order to not sell her company. Alex wins the money in a halftime contest at a basketball game. They provide information about Laszlo Price to the police, and he is arrested.


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Longshot [UMD for PSP]

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