Green Fire

Green Fire

Green Fire was released to DVD on 2010-05-28 and to Amazon Video on 2015-05-01.

Green Fire on IMDb Adventure and Drama

Director: Andrew Marton

Cast: Grace Kelly, Stewart Granger, John Ericson, Murvyn Vye, and Paul Douglas

Set in the coffee fields of Colombia, Green Fires stars Stewart Granger and Grace Kelly. Granger plays emerald prospector Rian X. Mitchell, who intends to explore an old deserted mine despite the protests of his partner Vic Leonard Paul Douglas and the threat of death at the hands of local bandit El Moro Murvyn Vye. Ms. Kelly costars as Catherine Knowland, whose coffee plantation lies at the foot of the mine where Mitchell labors away. Such natural disasters as rain and flood, coupled with such man-made weapons of destruction as guns and dynamite, continually thwart Mitchell's search for riches.

Green Fire

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Green Fire (1954)

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