Garfield's Fun Fest

Garfield's Fun Fest

Garfield's Fun Fest was released to Amazon Video on 2008-08-05 and to DVD on 2008-08-05.

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Director: Mark A.Z. Dippé

Cast: Frank Welker, Tim Conway, Gregg Berger, Wally Wingert, and Audrey Wasilewski

Garfield emerges victorious at the end of every single Fun Fest, a competition for the best in comic strip characters. It's a given; he can do it with his paws tied behind his back. But this year, it looks like a dashing new contestant by the name of Ramone is going to give everyone's favorite fat cat a run for his lasagna, especially after the G-Man's usual partner-in-fun, Arlene, decides to pair

Garfield's Fun Fest

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Garfield's Funfest

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