For Heaven's Sake

For Heaven's Sake

For Heaven's Sake was released to DVD on 2009-02-19.

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Director: Nat Christian

Cast: David Paetkau, Allison Lange, Florence Henderson, Yaani King Mondschein, and Kathryn Gordon

SARAH MIILLER, known to her grandchildren as 'Nanny,' is still slim and athletic in her early seventies. She's a successful author, is feisty, intellectual and full of fun. Her granddaughter, KATIE WHITMAN is closest to her 'Nanny' and continually tries to get her to ride the highest roller coaster in the nearby theme park. Nanny refuses, confiding to Katie that she's deathly afraid of heights. This causes Katie to divulge her biggest secret that she is terrified of dying. Sarah hopes that she can help Katie deal with her anxieties over time.


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