Ennama Katha Vuduranga

Ennama Katha Vuduranga

We are not sure of the release date for Ennama Katha Vuduranga. It was released at the box office on 2016-08-05 so we estimate it was released to DVD in November 2016.

Comedy and Horror

Director: V. Francis Raj

Cast: Ambika, Chaams, Arvee, Alisha Chopra, and Ravi Mariya

Being a typically kind hearted guy, Vishal is however overly obsessed with the supernatural and is determined to show the world that ghosts and spirits do exist. His obsession reaches the next level when he decides to anchor a show which is entirely aimed at convincing the audiences about the existence of the supernatural and other unearthly beings. The TRP of the show boosts up when Vishal surprisingly starts hosting the show by communicating with the ghosts themselves!