Eavesdrop was released to DVD on 2014-02-19.

Eavesdrop on IMDb Drama

Director: Matthew Miele

Cast: Pepper Binkley, Jeanine Bartel, Alejandra Ambrosi, Josh Barrett, and Steve Benisty

Two chess players face off at a busy café, studying both the pieces on the board and the unfolding dramas at the neighboring tables. While a young couple fumbles through an uncomfortable blind date, a longtime marriage begins to crumble. Meanwhile, a pair of film noir fans suspect they're witnessing a real-life murder. This is an ensemble drama about conversations overheard in a bustling New York City bistro. With every whispered word, we gain a greater understanding of the big picture being formed all around us. From lovers' quarrels to artistic musings and hushed confessions, a crowded restaurant is the perfect place to discover just what strangers will say when they think no one else is listening.


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