East Side Story

East Side Story

East Side Story was released to Amazon Video on 2008-05-06.

East Side Story on IMDb Action, Adventure, and Crime


Cast: Malek Burns, Kevin Stewart, Nate Griffin, Natalie Gonzalez, and Tony Stanz

East Side Story takes place in Harlem where there's a mix of ball players, hustlers, street rappers and even those who dream of making a difference. But deep in the midst of this community, lies a thriving drug world and one man named Moe who wants to own it all. With the help of his crew and the approval of local thugs, Moe eventually finds himself on top of Harlem's toughest drug scene. But when things start to get more violent and real than he ever imagined, Moe is faced with a choice, either change his life or sell his soul.

East Side Story

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