Crossed Over

Crossed Over

Crossed Over was released to DVD on 2008-10-07.

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Director: Bobby Roth

Cast: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Diane Keaton, and Maury Chaykin

Based on the book Crossed Over: A Murder/A Memoir by Beverly Lowry, Crossed Over tells the true story of a woman, Beverly Lowry, who after the tragic hit-and-run death of her teenage son, sinks into a deep depression. Lowry and her supportive husband struggle to cope with this devastating loss. Lowry forms an unusual friendship with the first and only woman executed while on death row in Texas, Karla Faye Tucker, a friendship that puts great pressure on her marriage. Through this friendship, she is able to come to terms with unresolved personal issues and rediscover the simple joy in living and her marriage.

Crossed Over

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