Con Express

Con Express

Con Express was released to DVD on 2003-09-02.

Con Express on IMDb Action and Thriller

Director: Terry Cunningham

Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Eyal Podell, Ursula Karven, Arnold Acevedo, and David Lea

A hotheaded Alaskan customs agent (Sean Patrick Flannery) unwillingly teams up with a coldhearted but beautiful Soviet agent (Ursula Karven) to capture a rogue Russian general (Arnold Vosloo), selling a shipment of deadly nerve gas. Tensions and passions spin out of control after two agents are left for dead and they must combine forces to survive. They have one chance laft to take out the General and destroy the "Apocalypse in a can" nerve agent, both speeding toward freedom on a runaway mountain train. Unexpected twists and terrifying turns along the way put everyone on a collision course for explosive action, pulse-pounding thrill and a devastating betrayal of trust.

Con Express

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