We are not sure of the release date for Bamboleho. It was released at the box office on 2002-06-07 so we estimate it was released to DVD in September 2002.

Bamboleho on IMDb

Director: Luis Prieto

Cast: Eloi Yebra, Alicia Gorina, and Hafid Abou El Hakan

A loop through the lives of three street urchins, barely into their teens, pickpockets in Barcelona. While Migue and Mara make love on a rooftop, Ahmed, a Moroccan kid who's come to Spain thinking it full of money and nude women, goes to get beer. As he leaves the bodega, a fancy car pulls up, men jump out. Ahmed shouts up to Migue, who slips on shoes and runs. The chase across the rooftops involves leaps, flights of fantasy that take us back. The fearful shout of Mara becomes the cry of Migue's mother years before. A brick of hashish stolen from a fat man brings them cash for a celebration. Beer and sex: life doesn't get any better.