Adventure Time: Stakes

Adventure Time: Stakes

Adventure Time: Stakes was released to DVD on 2016-01-19.

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Director: Andres Salaff

Cast: John DiMaggio, Hynden Walch, Jeremy Shada, Olivia Olson, and Pendleton Ward

Told in eight parts, Stakes documents the reemergence of five of Marceline the Vampire Queen's most powerful vampiric foes: the Fool, the Empress Eyes, the Hierophant, the Moon, and the Vampire King himself. The quintet reemerges after Bubblegum tries to extract Marceline’s vampiric essence, in an attempt to return Marceline to her normal half-demon state. The reappearance of these vampires forces Marceline, Bubblegum, Finn, Jake, and Peppermint Butler to stake them one-by-one.

Cartoon Network: Adventure Time – Stakes! Miniseries (V11) (DVD)

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